Nice to Have

Nice to Have produces delicately created, functional and quality objects for aspects of your life.

How you feel about an object is important, sometimes we encounter a few that we have to use even we don’t like. We believe that the objects people own in their lives, are small reflections of how they choose to live it or had to..

We appreciate conscious consumption, investing in quality and the idea of owning things for life. Our goal is to create objects that are pleasing to the eye for years to come and durable enough for frequent uses.

Within the aspects of good design and aesthetics, user friendly experience is one of our priority. We produce our products using the best possible material and processing methods with local artisans. By constantly prototyping our products, we experience them for a while for to be sure that they’re perfectly improved and shaped before some one else owns them.

Our journey has started in 2011 as two persons sharing the knowledge and tools inherited from family. We have a family owned wood workshop and sewing machines left from 90’s that we use to create our initial prototypes. We believe in heritage of knowledge and experiences shape our lives. Learning is the key to keep our imagination alive.

The first collection and online shop was launched in March 2015. After a short period of time, we opened our first retail store in Karaköy, İstanbul around November 2015.

It is kind of a space where you can touch, feel and talk about behind the products. There are other curated items as well, sourced from various countries and designers we think that would be nice to have.

If you’re around drop by and say hello.