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We love a living space with details, collected tools and items that displayed around instead of hiding in a drawer. Splashes of bright metal colours are essential to create an inviting and warm feeling, they also make a wonderful addition to your table with functionality. In this set, you will receive a letter opener, a shoehorn and a stylish key holder; such trophies, pleasing to the eye, good to hold.

Each item is made by local artisans using solid brass material; letter opener and shoehorn are hand-poured with recycled brass and polished for a shiny finish. Imperfections and variations are characteristics of the production process, slight differences may occur due to hand-crafted nature. Keychain is precisely machined from one solid piece.


Letter Opener : 16 x 3 cm, 95 gram

Shoehorn: 22 cm x 4 cm, 250 grams

Keychain: 6.2 cm x 1.8 cm , 54 grams